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COBIOPHAD was a three and a half year Horizon 2020 project to create a highly innovative, compact disc-based system for improved diagnosis of allergy to antibiotics.

In the EU alone, around 2.5 million people are allergic to β-lactam antibiotics (BLCs) and this figure increases every year due to excessive drug intake.

The COBIOPHAD project targeted the development of a highly sensitive, selective, and multiplexed diagnostic device to provide a quick and inexpensive in vitro test. The test integrated multiple key enabling technologies [KETs] including photonics, use of advanced materials, opto-electronics, and bio-analytical tools.

A sophisticated cloud-based data networking and management system provides allergy decision support to medical staff in clinics and hospitals across the whole of EU28 and beyond.

Using this system, the consortium aims to improve the appropriateness of antibiotic prescriptions which in turn will contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems and improve the health status and quality of life of millions of European citizens that suffer with BLC allergies.

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Development of a Disposable Use Endoscopy Tool

Development of a Disposable Use Endoscopy Tool.

Endoscopes are miniature, elongated microscopes that physicians use to perform minimally invasive procedures on patients – in their hollow organs or internal canals. Endoscopes may be rigid or flexible. Both are delicate, precision instruments. Most flexible endoscopes contain systems to deliver light, suction, air and water.

Infection in patients can occur due to inadequate cleaning. Endoscopy is centralised in specialising hospitals which can resource the activity with the purchase and maintenance of sufficient number of endoscopes.

This means that patients frequently have to travel long distances to reach these hospitals.

There is an urgent need to change the way in which endoscopy is performed to combat these problems. In this project, a team of SMEs will develop single use disposable endoscope equipment (which will eliminate the possibility of infection of the patient from this equipment) and will form a supply chain.

The technology developed in this programme will be applicable to other equipment developments by the SMEs. An additional aim is for the disposable endoscope equipment to be constructed from materials which can be recycled after use.

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