DESIGN – MANUFACTURE - TEST Printing Equipment of Ultrathin Layers in Perovskite Solar Cells

Funded by Ministry of National Education-Research Department


Project ID:  8 SEE

Project Director:: Dr. Ioana Pintilie

Project Program:: EEA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1

Contractor:National Institute of Materials Physics

Start Date: July, 2014 End Date: April, 2017

The main objective of the project is to develop perovskite-based photovoltaic devices towards “all perovskite” solar cells with power conversion efficiencies approaching 20% and fabricated with affordable, environmental friendly materials and technologies (low cost printing like methods). The final goal is to have an efficient structure with transparent electrodes on both sides, able to collect not only the sun-light but also the light coming from the artificial sources used, especially during the winter, inside office buildings or large malls.. Other preparation methods (e.g. sputtering, vapour deposition or laser ablation) will be used to prepare samples for investigating the physical properties in relation with the structural, electrical and optical quality. The feedback will be used to improve the deposition methods and the structure architecture. Also, the experimental results will be used as inputs in theoretical models allowing predictions for further enhancement of the PCE. The consortium is composed by 6 partners: 3 from Romania (NIMP as coordinator, UB- Faculty of Physics and OTOELECTRONICA-S.A. as end-user); 2 universities from Iceland (UI and RU), and 1 university from Norway (UiO).