VDF 300 HD is designed for nondestructive analysis of documents suspected to be forged:, visas, passports, and bancnotes. The examination is perfomed in visual, IR and UV ranges, for discovering any type of forgeries, such as: damage, false pigments, imitations, photo replacement, chemical erasure and others.


  • CCD HD cameras 3,3 Mpixels, colour and black/white, with spectral sensitivity from 250 to 1100 nm, with manual controls for zoom, auto and manual controls for iris and auto and manual controls for focus, electronic shutter: 1/1 to 1/10000 sec, minim illumination: 0.095 lx/1/30 sec.
  • Motorized optical zoom with x30 magnification on the 17 inch laptop monitor;
  • Object field: 200x110 mm;
  • Cut-off filters range 400 to 1000nm;
  • Excitation filters range 400 to 880nm;
  • Light control mode, camera control, filter control - provide control for all the cameras' functions: lights, zoom, filters, computer communication;
  • Dimensions: 390x443x424 mm;


  • SPOT IR illumination 100 W;
  • Short, medium and long UV lamps: incident UV 254 nm, incident UV 313 nm, UV 365 nm, transmitted UV 365 nm;
  • Direct IR 20 W to 80 W;
  • SIDE 1 and 2 (parallel lights) contains two SIDE illumination modes used for the identification of the mechanical erasing, examination of the embossed texts, stamped security marks and for the identification OVD and OVI holograms with recording facilities;
  • Transmitted IR with 20 W to 80 W power;
  • SPOT transmitted IR with a minimum 20 W power;
  • 84 filters combination
  • Coaxial illumination LED source;
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