VDF 100 M - Spectral Video Comparator for false documents -

Is designed for nondestructive analysis of documents suspected to be forged, banknotes, visas, passports, and for paper currency examination in visual, IR and UV range, for discovering any type of forgeries, such as: damage, false pigments, imitations, chemical erasing, photo replacement etc. The detection process is based on the visual examination and the electronic processing of the banknote images by displaying the absorption and reflection of the ink pigments in different spectral ranges, from 254 nm to 1000 nm, being able to highlight pigment selection, ink cleaning and overwritten text. The analysis is performed by comparing suspicious banknotes with models existing in databases that are recorded in equipment.

Delivery set:

  • Video comparator for documents analysis VDF 100-M, specialised software Paper Checker M
  • PC from latest generation
  • Two 19" LCD monitors
  • UPS
  • Multi-functional color ink - jet printer/scanner
  • Spare parts
  • Transport boxes, manuals, declaration of conformity and warranty, sfowrare and cables


  • Interferential filters: 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 880, with different band widths from 50 to 80 nm;
  • Lon Pass fileters:435, 590, 610, 630, 645, 665, 695, 715, 735, 780, 850, 1000 nm;
  • 84 filters combination
  • Illumination commands from keyboard and software


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